Teach with Joy

Getting Started with Homeschooling

 Want to homeschool your kids but don’t know where to start? Homeschooling advocate, Joy Mendoza, lays down the basics to help you jumpstart your learning adventures at home! #Homeschooling #COVID19 #PlusFaithNoFear

Teach with Joy


Making Learning a Lifestyle
Did you know you can use everyday objects to help your kids better understand lessons while homeschooling? Let Joy Mendoza help you turn learning into a lifestyle! #TeachWithJoy

Teach with Joy


All About Planning
WE TOTALLY GET YOU – Homeschooling can be another stressful task as a parent in the new normal only WITHOUT the right plan. Let’s talk about putting it in our schedule and making sure it works like easy-peasy. If you got inspired or learned something in any way, don’t forget to tag your friends and share them this video!

Teach with Joy


Reassessing Assessments
When you are homeschooling, there are other ways to know your child’s progress. Hindi na lang tests and quizzes! Join Joy Mendoza in another meaningful episode of Teach With Joy about reassessing assessments. #TeachWithJoy #Assessments #Homeschooling

Teach with Joy


Homeschool Basics
The pandemic has changed the “norm” of many things, including education. In this episode of Teach With Joy, let’s tackle the basics and learn how to begin your homeschooling journey, so you can take charge of learning at home successfully.

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